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The Benefits of Practicing Yoga in Outdoor Settings

imagesA successful entrepreneur, Benjamin (Ben) Shoval currently oversees his firm Shoval & Co. while also pursuing a longtime interest in technology. Ben Shoval balances his professional endeavors with a number of additional interests, such as yoga.

According to an article in Yoga Journal, research suggests that the benefits of yoga are enhanced when yogis practice in nature. The article cites a Swedish study that found viewing nature, particularly the organic patterns in trees and other plant life, can increase central components of a fulfilling yoga practice, including internal focus and wakeful relaxation.

Along with these benefits, Amos Clifford, who leads the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy, asserts that transitioning from a yoga studio to an outdoor setting can help yogis increase their confidence and reinterpret their practice. The article also refers to field studies in Environmental Health and Preventative Medicine indicating that people in forest environments have reduced concentrations of cortisol, a stress hormone, in comparison to people in urban environments.