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Different Types of Yoga

Anusarya Yoga pic

Anusarya Yoga
Image: verywell.com

Ben Shoval is a successful finance, technology, and real estate entrepreneur based in Seattle, Washington, where he serves as president of his firm, Shoval & Co. In his leisure time, Ben Shoval is an avid yoga practitioner.

While yoga may be an ancient practice, modern times have seen many different styles of undertaking it come into the forefront. Here’s a quick primer on three of the more popular yoga types:

Anusarya yoga was conceived by John Friend, an American practitioner, in 1997 and is one of the newer variations. Anusarya is based on the premise that all people are filled with an intrinsic goodness, and incorporate specific sequences intended to help students open their hearts, encounter grace, and shine their inner goodness.

Ashtanga is rooted in ancient teachings, which saw its western prominence rise in the 1970s. It is an intense yoga style that follows a specific sequence of postures that are always performed in the same order. It is typically regarded as one of the more demanding practices.

Vinyasa is similar to Ashtanga in that it is rigorous, but unlike the former, it is not predicated on a specific sequence of movements, but is set to music and focuses on smooth transitions from pose to pose. Where Ashtanga values consistency, Vinyasa values spontaneity.