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Successfully Cooking a Stir Fry

Benjamin “Ben” Shoval, an accomplished entrepreneur in Seattle, Washington, and currently the president of Shoval & Co., enjoys cooking certain dishes at home. Dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Ben Shoval often makes health shakes and enjoys cooking omelets and stir fry.

One of the most flexible meals you can cook at home, stir fry is basically just a combination of various vegetables and meats. However, as easy as it is to make stir fry, messing it up is almost as easy. Because the dish is cooked quickly, it’s important that you have everything prepared ahead of time. Chop all of the ingredients before cooking and keep them close at hand. Focus on making bite-sized pieces that are all the same size. This prevents some parts from overcooking and makes eating the finished dish easier. Slicing items is often better than cutting chunks because it releases more flavor, although it is not required.

A stir fry’s success also relies on when you put the different ingredients into your wok or pan. Harder or thicker vegetables are best started early because they take longer to cook, and thinner items are added later. If you are using meat, cook it before starting the vegetables and remove it from the pan. When the rest of the stir fry is almost done, add the meat back in. Beyond the timing, the ingredients require constant movement or they will burn. Meat does not require as much stirring as vegetables, but it will still keep you standing attentively by the stove for most of the cooking time.