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Some Girls by The Rolling Stones

Benjamin “Ben” Shoval has spent more than a decade as president of Seattle, Washington’s Shoval & Co. In his free time, Ben Shoval enjoys listening to the music of Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones.

Since the debut of their self-titled album in 1964, The Rolling Stones have released 29 studio albums as well as various live recordings and compilations. Given that the Stones have sold more than 91 million total albums over five decades, it can be difficult to pinpoint the zenith of the band’s success. However, a strong case can be made for the 1978 LP Some Girls. The band’s 14th full-length release in their native England and16th in the United States, Some Girls was the follow up to Black and Blue in 1976. While the latter was successful in its own right, Some Girls moved in excess of 6 million copies, more than any other all-original Stones record.

Three of the band’s four singles off Some Girls have gone on to become some of their most recognizable hits. The lead single, “Miss You,” reached number three on the U.K. charts and number one in both America and France. “Beast of Burden” peaked at number eight in the United States and has developed into one of the group’s most iconic live tracks. The album’s final single, “Shattered,” has also gained a reputation as one of the Stones’ most prominent and identifiable singles.