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Meditation Shown to Improve Mental Pathways

Meditation pic

Image: zazenlife.com

Seattle’s Benjamin “Ben” Shoval, a successful entrepreneur with a range of experience in technology, housing, and financing and president of Shoval & Co., also enjoys meditation. Recent research shows that meditation is ideal for busy entrepreneurs such as Ben Shoval, as it offers reprieve from hectic lifestyles.

Recent research shows that just 11 hours of meditation training can help to rewire your brain to better balance behaviors and emotions. Study participants practiced meditation for 11 hours, and scientists studied their gray and white matter. Gray matter holds neurons that communicate throughout the brain; white matter connects the gray regions to allow certain areas to communicate more quickly.

The results indicated that the participants had improved white matter tracts joining their anterior cingulate cortices (ACCs), which balance thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, to the brain’s other structures. This means that meditation improves the efficiency and integrity of the brain’s connections and our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Meditation also helps the brain stay healthy as it ages, reduces wandering thoughts to improve focus, and decreases anxiety and depression.