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Choosing Protein Powder Health Shakes

Whey Protein pic

Whey Protein
Image: WebMD.com

As a successful Seattle-based financial, technology, and housing entrepreneur as well as president of Shoval & Co., Benjamin “Ben” Shoval takes care to eat healthfully while keeping up with his busy schedule. One way that Ben Shoval does so is by maintaining a dietary regimen that includes health shakes.

When you’re standing in the grocery aisle, looking at the rows of protein shakes, how do you know which one to choose? There are different kinds of protein shakes for different needs:

Whey protein is good for energy, amino acids, post-exercise nutrition, and daily use. It contains minerals and vitamins that improve muscle strength and size after exercising, and it is easy to find in grocery stores.
Soy protein is best for building bone mass, easing menopause symptoms, and reducing high cholesterol. It also has important elements that grow muscles and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
Hemp protein is made from cannabis seeds. This health shake is best known for being a superfood because of its omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid content. It is helpful for vegetarians who want extra nutrition in their diets.

The key is to choose the protein powder that will meet your fitness and health goals, whether that means building muscle, losing weight, or gaining more nutrition in a vegetarian or vegan diet.