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Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation pic

Image: zazenlife.com

A technology entrepreneur based in Seattle, Washington, Benjamin “Ben” Shoval is the founder and president of Shoval & Co., a Washington-based investment firm. In his free time, Ben Shoval enjoys practicing meditation.

Although meditation is historically for spiritual and mystical purposes, modern health professionals tout its ability to reduce stress and improve overall mood. In terms of emotional well-being, meditation helps practitioners transform their perspectives on stressful situations and develop stress management skills. Meditation also reduces the intensity of negative emotions, making it an ideal supplemental treatment for individuals with depression and anxiety.

Although the emotional and mental benefits of meditation are relatively well studied, meditation also has significant effects on physical health. Studies have shown it improves medical conditions aggravated by stress, including asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, and chronic pain. However, meditation is not a replacement for traditional medical treatment, and individuals should talk to healthcare providers before making any drastic changes to their medical treatment plans.