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Application Programming Interfaces Briefly Explained

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application programming interfaces
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A successful Seattle-based entrepreneur, Benjamin “Ben” Shoval oversees Shoval & Co., a private market investment company he founded in 2004. Prior to launching his current company, Ben Shoval founded Technology Training and Consulting Group, which provided on-site computer training. Today, he maintains an avid interest in various technological topics, including application programming interfaces (APIs).

Simply defined, an API is a set of standardized programming instructions, requirements, and routines that enable applications to communicate with one another. On a system level, APIs enable programs like Microsoft Office to run on top of the computer’s operating system and make it possible for a user to transmit information between programs.

Web-based services like Facebook, Yelp, and Pinterest, on the other hand, use APIs to allow other software apps to share their data and access their offerings. In this respect, APIs play an important role in social networking and have helped shape the Web into what it is today.