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Some Keys to Understanding APIs

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Image: computer.howstuffworks.com

Seattle’s Benjamin “Ben” Shoval has rich and diverse career experience that began following his time at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 2000. In addition to managing the Shoval & Co. real estate portfolio, Ben Shoval has recently turned his attention to application program interfaces (APIs). Below are some keys to understanding this important concept for those who aren’t familiar with software development.

Very basically, an API allows limited access to the code in a piece of software. This makes it possible for developers to build programs that work in conjunction with other programs. For instance, many non-Google apps access Google Maps as part of their service. Other apps let users transfer content to Twitter with just a click. This sort of communication between software requires developers to use programming from Google and Twitter, but they are confined to the parameters specified by the API.

There’s ample room for growth in this sector, which is why some investors are intrigued. First, the possible applications of APIs are virtually limitless and potentially life-altering. Already, watches are communicating fitness data to remote software, which has big implications for healthcare. Additionally, managing APIs offers a growing niche for businesses as developers seek help with credentialing users, controlling access, and other operations.