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Three Big Data Trends for 2016

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Shoval & Company

Benjamin “Ben” Shoval serves as president of Shoval & Company in Seattle, Washington. In addition to his background in technology training and consulting, Ben Shoval also studies trends in big data and analytics.

CIO Magazine and Innovation Enterprise have published extensive lists on what they believe will be dominant topics in the 2016 data landscape. In their reports, there are three overarching themes that come up repeatedly.

Gathering Value from All Data

Scott Gnau, the chief technology officer for Hortonworks, draws upon the “Internet of Anything” concept that is an emerging mindset in the analytics community. He points to the importance of drawing data from every imaginable source, even going so far as suggesting parsing server logs and more implementation of geolocation technologies. His take-home point is that companies should mine value from all the data they can possibly collect.

Increased Accessibility

FirstFuel’s chief data scientist, Badri Raghavan, highlights the increased accessibility of data to those without extensive knowledge or background. He points to services like Amazon Mechanical Turk as examples of platforms that allow both individuals and businesses to gather data from areas they may not have been able to access before. He believes data will not only become easier to access, but with new tools, it will be easier to parse and draw value from than ever before.

Increased Focus on Security

This could likely be a trend every year, but with several high-profile hacks in 2015, you can bet security will be at the forefront of almost every big data conversation this year. Many governments around the world are exploring new laws to govern how data is accessed and secured, and many of them have different ideas about how to accomplish those things. The landscape will only become more complicated going forward.

Further, spending on security will become an even bigger priority for companies that deal with large amounts of data. Database safety in particular appears to be the major focus for 2016, as these have most often been the targets of hackers in recent memory.