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The Benefits of Practicing Yoga in Outdoor Settings

imagesA successful entrepreneur, Benjamin (Ben) Shoval currently oversees his firm Shoval & Co. while also pursuing a longtime interest in technology. Ben Shoval balances his professional endeavors with a number of additional interests, such as yoga.

According to an article in Yoga Journal, research suggests that the benefits of yoga are enhanced when yogis practice in nature. The article cites a Swedish study that found viewing nature, particularly the organic patterns in trees and other plant life, can increase central components of a fulfilling yoga practice, including internal focus and wakeful relaxation.

Along with these benefits, Amos Clifford, who leads the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy, asserts that transitioning from a yoga studio to an outdoor setting can help yogis increase their confidence and reinterpret their practice. The article also refers to field studies in Environmental Health and Preventative Medicine indicating that people in forest environments have reduced concentrations of cortisol, a stress hormone, in comparison to people in urban environments.


Choosing Protein Powder Health Shakes

Whey Protein pic

Whey Protein

As a successful Seattle-based financial, technology, and housing entrepreneur as well as president of Shoval & Co., Benjamin “Ben” Shoval takes care to eat healthfully while keeping up with his busy schedule. One way that Ben Shoval does so is by maintaining a dietary regimen that includes health shakes.

When you’re standing in the grocery aisle, looking at the rows of protein shakes, how do you know which one to choose? There are different kinds of protein shakes for different needs:

Whey protein is good for energy, amino acids, post-exercise nutrition, and daily use. It contains minerals and vitamins that improve muscle strength and size after exercising, and it is easy to find in grocery stores.
Soy protein is best for building bone mass, easing menopause symptoms, and reducing high cholesterol. It also has important elements that grow muscles and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
Hemp protein is made from cannabis seeds. This health shake is best known for being a superfood because of its omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid content. It is helpful for vegetarians who want extra nutrition in their diets.

The key is to choose the protein powder that will meet your fitness and health goals, whether that means building muscle, losing weight, or gaining more nutrition in a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Meditation Shown to Improve Mental Pathways

Meditation pic


Seattle’s Benjamin “Ben” Shoval, a successful entrepreneur with a range of experience in technology, housing, and financing and president of Shoval & Co., also enjoys meditation. Recent research shows that meditation is ideal for busy entrepreneurs such as Ben Shoval, as it offers reprieve from hectic lifestyles.

Recent research shows that just 11 hours of meditation training can help to rewire your brain to better balance behaviors and emotions. Study participants practiced meditation for 11 hours, and scientists studied their gray and white matter. Gray matter holds neurons that communicate throughout the brain; white matter connects the gray regions to allow certain areas to communicate more quickly.

The results indicated that the participants had improved white matter tracts joining their anterior cingulate cortices (ACCs), which balance thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, to the brain’s other structures. This means that meditation improves the efficiency and integrity of the brain’s connections and our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Meditation also helps the brain stay healthy as it ages, reduces wandering thoughts to improve focus, and decreases anxiety and depression.

Yoga’s Many Benefits

Yoga Benefits

Yoga Benefits

Benjamin “Ben” Shoval is an entrepreneur who has successfully built businesses in industries ranging from housing to computer training. As part of his routine to stay healthy, Ben Shoval practices yoga.

Yoga has many benefits. Perhaps one of its primary benefit is that almost anyone can practice it. Like any other physical activity, individuals with extreme conditions may need to seek a physician’s clearance before engaging in it. Overall, however, most of the general population can practice it, and poses can be modified to suit one’s capabilities. Yoga is not out to make people perform pretzel-like poses.

Yoga’s relaxation techniques can help to reduce chronic pain, such as arthritis, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and lower back pain. Other physical benefits include increased flexibility, improved respiration, increased muscle tone and strength, improved vitality and energy, reduction in weight, and better athletic performance.

Some may even value more the mental benefits that yoga brings, as it can help people manage stress. Stress can have severe negative effects on our mind and body. It manifests itself in a variety of ways such as sleeping problems, concentration difficulties, back pain, headache, and drug abuse. Yoga promotes coping skills and can help people look at life in a more positive way.

Five Tips for Meditation

Meditation pic


An experienced entrepreneur and business leader, Benjamin “Ben” Shoval maintains responsibilities as president of Shoval & Co. In his spare time, Ben Shoval relaxes through activities like meditation. For those new to mediating, consider the following tips:

1. Create a routine. Establish a daily routine and leave reminders for yourself when first starting out. Choose a time of day that you can commit to regularly and without time constraints. Some meditation professionals recommend scheduling your sessions in the morning.

2. Stretch beforehand. Complete a series of stretches before beginning in order to prepare your body to sit in a single position for an extended period of time. Even a simple neck roll or back stretch can help relax muscles.

3. Count breaths. After settling into your meditation position, help yourself relax by counting your breaths as you breathe in and out. Count each inhale and exhale until you reach 10 and begin again. Remember to draw out each breath and breathe slowly.

4. Remain optimistic. Commit yourself to giving meditation an honest attempt and approach the activity with an open mind. Refrain from judging yourself or techniques, and experiment with different forms of meditation.

5. Disregard the details. Avoid worrying about the “correct” way to meditate, the proper position to sit, or the specific details of any one technique. Focus instead on steadying your breathing and allowing yourself to relax.

Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation pic


A technology entrepreneur based in Seattle, Washington, Benjamin “Ben” Shoval is the founder and president of Shoval & Co., a Washington-based investment firm. In his free time, Ben Shoval enjoys practicing meditation.

Although meditation is historically for spiritual and mystical purposes, modern health professionals tout its ability to reduce stress and improve overall mood. In terms of emotional well-being, meditation helps practitioners transform their perspectives on stressful situations and develop stress management skills. Meditation also reduces the intensity of negative emotions, making it an ideal supplemental treatment for individuals with depression and anxiety.

Although the emotional and mental benefits of meditation are relatively well studied, meditation also has significant effects on physical health. Studies have shown it improves medical conditions aggravated by stress, including asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, and chronic pain. However, meditation is not a replacement for traditional medical treatment, and individuals should talk to healthcare providers before making any drastic changes to their medical treatment plans.

Shakes to Consider Consuming to Maintain Your Health

Brandied Berry Milk Shake pic

Brandied Berry Milk Shake

Benjamin “Ben” Shoval, the founder of Shoval & Co., a real estate developer, looks to expand his firm’s investments to include technology ventures. In his spare time, Ben Shoval maintains a healthy lifestyle through practicing yoga and consuming nutritious shakes.

The following shakes are healthy options.

Brandied Berry Milk Shake

Containing 182 calories per serving, this drink offers antioxidants that help you combat diseases. It contains low-fat vanilla ice cream and milk that is blended with blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries. Brandy is also mixed in to add more flavor.

Espresso Soy Milk Shake

Ideal if you are vegan and want something that tastes more like dessert, this shake includes instant espresso granules, a source of caffeine that can lower your risk of Parkinson’s disease and diabetes. The base is made of low-fat soy milk and vanilla soy ice cream. The addition of fat-free chocolate syrup brings its calorie count to 290 per serving.

Pumpkin Pie Shake

Beta-carotene and calcium are among the nutrients you consume when making this less-than-200-calorie beverage. Pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice are blended with reduced-fat vanilla ice cream and fat-free milk. A minimal amount of brown sugar is included to sweeten the shake, which is crowned with fat-free, whipped topping before serving.