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The Poetry of Bob Dylan

Poetry, Bob Dylan pic

Poetry, Bob Dylan

Entrepreneur Benjamin “Ben” Shoval has a broad assortment of interests beyond investing. Ben Shoval also enjoys cooking, yoga, and the music of Bob Dylan. Experts consider the legendary musician to be a noteworthy poet as well.

Alluding to an interest in poetry, some believe that Bob Dylan changed his name from Robert Allen Zimmerman in homage to poet Dylan Thomas. His works have been included in books of verse such as “Hollywood Foto-Rhetoric: The Lost Manuscript” (2008), various poetry anthologies, and “The Norton Introduction to Literature” (2005). In 2008, the prodigious singer/songwriter was awarded the Pulitzer Prize Special Citation with reference to his “extraordinary poetic power.” Many listeners observe a keen attention to language and rhythms that evoke beat poetry present in his music and written work.

Dylan’s collection of developmental journals was recently auctioned off, much of it landing in the hands of the University of Tulsa, where they’re certain to add insight to the study of modern American literature as well as understanding the writing process.


Seattle’s Vibrant Live Music Scene




Benjamin “Ben” Shoval is a successful Seattle-based entrepreneur with experience in the diverse fields of computer training, investment management, affordable housing, and high tech. President of Shoval & Co., Ben Shoval is a big fan of music from the Rolling Stones to Maddie & Tae.

Seattle is famous for its live music scene, spawning acts as varied as Gypsy Rose Lee, Pearl Jam, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Those visiting or new to the area can take advantage of several venues for their entertainment.

The Showbox at the Market has been a renowned local venue for national touring acts since 1939. This art-deco ballroom has seen greats like Duke Ellington, Muddy Waters, and the Ramones. A more recent sampling of bands and artists performing at the Showbox includes Prince, Foo Fighters, the Roots, Paul McCartney, and Hey Marseilles.

Other local favorites include Liquid Lounge, Sky Church, Neumo’s, and High Dive. Far from providing merely the famed grunge and emo sounds synonymous with Seattle, the current music scene is churning out new talent in genres from neo-folk to hip hop.

Maddie and Tae – A Rising Country Duo

Maddie and Tae pic

Maddie and Tae

An accomplished entrepreneur based in Seattle, Washington, Benjamin “Ben” Shoval has served as president of Shoval & Co. since 2004. In his free time, Ben Shoval enjoys yoga, reading, and listening to the music of a diverse group of artists, including Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, and Maddie & Tae.

Formed in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2014, Maddie & Tae is a popular country duo composed of singers/songwriters Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye. The duo was the first group signed to Dot Records after Big Machine Label Group revived the Tennessee-based label, and they quickly made a name for themselves with their hit debut single, Girl In a Country Song, which earned a Platinum certification and was nominated for three 2015 Country Music Awards.

Maddie & Tae continued to counter the so-called “bro country” trend with their second single, Fly, and their honky-tonk number, Shut Up and Fish. Currently, the duo is on a tour that includes two London shows taking place in mid-March 2016.

Some Girls by The Rolling Stones

Benjamin “Ben” Shoval has spent more than a decade as president of Seattle, Washington’s Shoval & Co. In his free time, Ben Shoval enjoys listening to the music of Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones.

Since the debut of their self-titled album in 1964, The Rolling Stones have released 29 studio albums as well as various live recordings and compilations. Given that the Stones have sold more than 91 million total albums over five decades, it can be difficult to pinpoint the zenith of the band’s success. However, a strong case can be made for the 1978 LP Some Girls. The band’s 14th full-length release in their native England and16th in the United States, Some Girls was the follow up to Black and Blue in 1976. While the latter was successful in its own right, Some Girls moved in excess of 6 million copies, more than any other all-original Stones record.

Three of the band’s four singles off Some Girls have gone on to become some of their most recognizable hits. The lead single, “Miss You,” reached number three on the U.K. charts and number one in both America and France. “Beast of Burden” peaked at number eight in the United States and has developed into one of the group’s most iconic live tracks. The album’s final single, “Shattered,” has also gained a reputation as one of the Stones’ most prominent and identifiable singles.