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Different Types of Yoga

Anusarya Yoga pic

Anusarya Yoga

Ben Shoval is a successful finance, technology, and real estate entrepreneur based in Seattle, Washington, where he serves as president of his firm, Shoval & Co. In his leisure time, Ben Shoval is an avid yoga practitioner.

While yoga may be an ancient practice, modern times have seen many different styles of undertaking it come into the forefront. Here’s a quick primer on three of the more popular yoga types:

Anusarya yoga was conceived by John Friend, an American practitioner, in 1997 and is one of the newer variations. Anusarya is based on the premise that all people are filled with an intrinsic goodness, and incorporate specific sequences intended to help students open their hearts, encounter grace, and shine their inner goodness.

Ashtanga is rooted in ancient teachings, which saw its western prominence rise in the 1970s. It is an intense yoga style that follows a specific sequence of postures that are always performed in the same order. It is typically regarded as one of the more demanding practices.

Vinyasa is similar to Ashtanga in that it is rigorous, but unlike the former, it is not predicated on a specific sequence of movements, but is set to music and focuses on smooth transitions from pose to pose. Where Ashtanga values consistency, Vinyasa values spontaneity.


Studies Show that a Long Brisk Walk as Effective as a Run

Brisk Walking pic

Brisk Walking

Benjamin “Ben” Shoval serves as the president of the Washington State-based company Shoval & Co. During his free time, Ben Shoval enjoys taking long walks.

Studies have shown that long, brisk walks have the same effectiveness as running in reducing the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, all of which can lead to heart disease.

In a pioneering study that involved 48,000 individuals, researchers found that the important aspect is not the intensity of the workout but rather its duration. The study covered six years and involved more than 33,000 runners and 15,000 walkers.

Paul Williams, a scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, claims that the number of calories worked off in any given form of activity is key. He estimates, though, that those who choose to walk may need to walk for twice as long as runners run in order to achieve the same effect.

Maddie and Tae’s Tribute for Orlando Shooting Victims

Maddie & Tae Image:

Maddie & Tae


An entrepreneur based in Washington state, Benjamin (Ben) Shoval serves as the president of Shoval & Co. Ben Shoval is a fan of rock and country music and in particular likes the duo Maddie & Tae.

Maddison Marlow and Taylor Dye first met in 2014 through their vocal coach, and their musical chemistry became apparent. Their first single, “Girl in a Country Song,” topped the country charts and made a significant impact in Nashville. Their debut album, Fly, charted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200.

More than just successful country stars, Maddie and Tae also actively participate in causes they care about. Recently, the duo performed at a fundraising event for the victims of the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The duo sang “After the Storm Blows Through,” an uplifting anthem from their album Start Here.

The event was called “Country Strong – Orlando’s Night of Healing and Country Music” and was put together by local country station K92.3.

Two Big Data Trends to Watch

Smart Machine Technology pic

Smart Machine Technology

A successful finance, technology, and real estate entrepreneur based in Seattle, Washington, Benjamin “Ben” Shoval serves as president of Shoval & Co. In addition to his other professional interests, Ben Shoval keeps up with current trends in big data.

As with most other technology sectors, big data is a fluid environment. Innovation is always driving progress forward. With that in mind, here are two current trends to watch.

Smart machine technology is beginning to find its foothold among private companies, which are looking to scale down their human capital to clear additional revenue. These technologies are used to automate tasks via algorithmic means, typically in the realm of decision support. Some educational companies have implemented smart data systems that can grade essays and exams.

Over the past year, NoSQL technologies have gained in popularity. These non-schema database structures are beginning to show progressively more benefit. As an example of the growing popularity of NoSQL, NoSQL companies such as MongoDB and Redis Labs will soon outnumber the more conventional database vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and IBM, according to the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems, an annual report comparing database vendors.

Healthy Vegan Shake Recipes

Healthy Vegan Shake Recipes pic


Benjamin “Ben” Shoval is the president of Shoval & Co. in Seattle, Washington. He has built a career as an entrepreneur creating businesses in fields such as technology and real estate. With an interest in meditation and yoga, Ben Shoval is also a vegan who enjoys healthy shakes.

The following shake recipes are great for satisfying snack cravings or even replacing a meal in a healthful way. As a bonus for vegans, they are all made with zero animal products.

For a Breakfast Substitute:

Packed with super foods, this shake will help you start your day on the right foot. Ingredients: one cup water, one banana, 1/3 cup cooked quinoa, one tablespoon raw walnuts, two tablespoons flax oil, one date, ½ teaspoon vanilla extract, ¾ teaspoon ground cinnamon.

For a Boost of Energy:

This smoothie is loaded with green vegetable energy with some added zesty flavors. Ingredients: one cucumber, three cups raw spinach, two cups honeydew melon, one cup green tea, one teaspoon lemon juice, ½ inch ginger root.

Instead of Dessert:

With this shake you can indulge in the taste of chocolaty bliss without the negative effects. Ingredients: one cup almond milk, six tablespoons oats, one tablespoon chia seeds, one tablespoon almond butter, one tablespoon cacao powder, ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract.

The Need for Affordable Housing

affordable housing

affordable housing


Benjamin “Ben” Shoval’s investment company, Shoval & Co., has a substantial real estate portfolio that has been primarily focused on affordable housing since 2009. As president, Ben Shoval led the acquisition and rehabilitation of affordable housing properties that have since been fully tenanted.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development describes affordable housing as costing no more than 30 percent of the occupant(s) income, including utilities. This number may vary in different locations, but serves well as a general rule of thumb. Families who must pay more than 30 percent of their income for gross housing costs may encounter difficulty affording food, transportation, medical care, and other of life’s necessities.

More affordable housing is necessary as a quality of life issue in the US, as an estimated 12 million renters and homeowners are currently paying more than 50 percent of their incomes for housing. No where in the United States can a full time worker earning minimum wage afford local fair-market rent for a two-bedroom dwelling by the standard of the 30 percent of income rule.

The Five States of Mind Related to Meditation

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A established entrepreneur, Benjamin Shoval is the proprietor of Shoval & Co. Currently based in Seattle, Ben Shoval enjoys yoga and meditation.

In his commentary on the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, sage Vyasa identified five states of mind that form the concentration process. Each state of mind reveals something about distractions and how they hinder meditation.

These states of mind are:

1) Ksipta
In this lowest state, the mind is distracted and constantly disturbed. It cannot shake away the distractions that are haunting it. In this state, a person is agitated. He is unable to think, keep quiet, or listen attentively.

2) Mudha
In this state, the mind is stupefied. It makes things such as addictions and obsessions rewarding, and consequently debilitating. Those struggling to overcome this state can find peace through relaxed breathing, systemic relaxations, and yoga postures.

3) Viksipta
Here, the mind is distracted. It oscillates between calmness and restlessness. Though able to meditate, the mind cannot do it for long. It oscillates in confusion.

4) Ekagra
In Ekagra, the mind is very relaxed. It becomes one-pointed and is able to concentrate on a single thing. Attention is relaxed and the person is ready to meditate.

5) Nirodha
Here, the mind is absorbed completely in the object of focus. The mind experiences absolute stillness, shutting down all thoughts. It is the absolute condition of mind.