About Ben Shoval

Ben ShovalA well-established Yakima, Washington, small business presence, Ben Shoval serves as president of Shoval & Co. He also maintains a prominent voice in the community as chairman of the Yakima City Planning Commission and vice chairman of the City of Yakima Community Review Board. Ben Shoval additionally holds the vice chairmanship of the Affordable Housing Coalition of Central Washington.

As a member of the Yakima City Planning Commission, Mr. Shoval has supported efforts to update zoning rules in ways that make sense for businesses and the larger community. A particular focus has involved building flexibility into the rigid zoning system, so that old industrial properties can be used for retail and other commercial uses. In a 2011 Yakima Herald article, Mr. Shoval described this overhaul as an “opportunity for innovation” and a chance for Yakima to attract new jobs to the city.

In addition to his municipal planning endeavors, Ben Shoval maintains a committed belief in the value of job creation through cuts in taxes and regulation. He supports government spending reductions, as well as strict limitations on debt at the state, local, and federal levels.


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