The Poetry of Bob Dylan

Poetry, Bob Dylan pic

Poetry, Bob Dylan

Entrepreneur Benjamin “Ben” Shoval has a broad assortment of interests beyond investing. Ben Shoval also enjoys cooking, yoga, and the music of Bob Dylan. Experts consider the legendary musician to be a noteworthy poet as well.

Alluding to an interest in poetry, some believe that Bob Dylan changed his name from Robert Allen Zimmerman in homage to poet Dylan Thomas. His works have been included in books of verse such as “Hollywood Foto-Rhetoric: The Lost Manuscript” (2008), various poetry anthologies, and “The Norton Introduction to Literature” (2005). In 2008, the prodigious singer/songwriter was awarded the Pulitzer Prize Special Citation with reference to his “extraordinary poetic power.” Many listeners observe a keen attention to language and rhythms that evoke beat poetry present in his music and written work.

Dylan’s collection of developmental journals was recently auctioned off, much of it landing in the hands of the University of Tulsa, where they’re certain to add insight to the study of modern American literature as well as understanding the writing process.


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