Three Seattle Parks with Scenic Walking Trails

Discovery Park pic

Discovery Park

Benjamin “Ben” Shoval is a Seattle, Washington-based entrepreneur who serves as president of Shoval & Co. In his free time, Ben Shoval enjoys living a healthy lifestyle, which includes participating in long walks.

In Seattle there are many opportunities for residents to take long walks on trails that wind through a number of public parks.

Discovery Park
The largest park in the city, Discovery Park is situated northwest of downtown next to Shilshole Bay. Its 11.8 miles of walking trails include the Wolf Tree Nature Trail, which takes trekkers on a boardwalk across half a mile of wetlands.

Seward Park
For those who prefer paved paths that still afford scenic views, the waterfront loop at Seward Park is an ideal place for a long walk. From the 2.4-mile trail, visitors can enjoy sights of Mount Rainier as well as Lake Washington.

Lincoln Park
Located in West Seattle, the 4.6 miles of walking trails at Lincoln Park are family friendly. The paths at this location allow visitors to travel to heated saltwater pools, picnic areas, playgrounds, and a beach off of Puget Sound.


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