What Is Serial Entrepreneurship?

Serial Entrepreneurship pic

Serial Entrepreneurship
Image: genengnews.com

Ben Shoval, the president of Shoval & Co. since 2004, is a small business owner who also founded an on-site computer training consultancy and asset management firm company before settling into running his current business. In a professional capacity, Ben Shoval has two of the strongest indicators for succeeding as a serial entrepreneur. He started very young in business at 15 years of age, and he initiates new endeavors every three or four years.

The basic definition of a serial entrepreneur is a type of business professional who constantly founds new businesses throughout a professional career. In contrast, most entrepreneurs open single businesses and build them into successful ventures over a period of years. For that reason, many fully invest in their businesses for life. Serial entrepreneurs, on the other hand, always feel inspired to venture into uncharted territory and do not want to commit to just one business for their lifetimes.


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