Top Walking Paths of Seattle

An experienced entrepreneur, Benjamin “Ben” Shoval has served as the president of Shoval & Co since 2004. A resident of Seattle, Washington, outside of the office Ben Shoval enjoys taking long walks through the city.

With more than 100 miles of trails in its 465 parks, Seattle has a trail for every fitness level, from dirt paths to maintained boardwalks.

Seward Park. With a wide 2.4-mile trail for biking and walking, this park covers 300 acres. The park features beaches, a garden area, and an old-growth forest. With multiple path options, it has something for everyone.

The Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park. Near the Myrtle Edwards Park and Elliot Bay Park, the park has wide, paved trails for biking and running. It also has picnic and exercise areas for people who want to take a break during their walks.

Warren G. Magnuson Park. The four-mile walk includes historic structures, public art installations, and sections along Lake Washington. Although it has designated walking trails, the park’s thick trees and brush require sturdy walking shoes.


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